Pegasus Volleyball Club

Pegasus Volleyball Club is a non-profit, community-based organization that provides developmental and competitive volleyball opportunities for youth in the Kingston area. The Club strives to provide high level opportunities for qualified boys and girls, ages 12 to 21 to further develop, train and compete in the Ontario Volleyball system. The Club operates in an athlete-centered environment, where the long term development and needs of the athlete are balanced against the competitive requirements of the OVA and VC.

As such, the club focuses on physical literacy and skill development at the younger ages. The priority is to provide the athletes with the physical, technical and tactical tools to compete to the best of their ability as they move to the older ages. In addition, the club will foster a ‘high performance’ mentality, in support of those players aspiring to Regional, Provincial, Post-Secondary and National Teams. Further, it is a goal of the club to create a passion and appreciation for volleyball in every participant, leading to life-long participation in the sport.

Kingston Cats

The CATS are a Community Focused Sports Club serving the Students of the Elementary Feeder Schools of RND, RND Student-Athletes and the Youth of North Kingston. The CATS are a different kind of Sports Club. We are a community based group working to teach life skills through developmental and competitve sport experiences.

Kingston Expert Tees Beach Volleyball Club

Whether you’re looking for an occasional volleyball party or a weekly league venue, we’re the perfect beach volleyball destination. We offer six well maintained courts, seating areas, a convenient location, and plenty of free parking!

Kingston Volleyball Club

Our primary mission is to encourage the development of skills and techniques necessary for our athletes to compete at a high level in the game of volleyball. We will focus on the physical, mental, and emotional development of all players. We will utilize the sport of volleyball to teach lifelong lessons to our players – leadership, teamwork, hard work ethic, dealing with adversity and success, effective communication, ethics, loyalty, and more.