Maverick Volleyball Club Logo

The Maverick Volleyball Club serves Ottawa and it’s surrounding communities in providing our youth with high quality volleyball programs. Our Club takes pride in our successful track record of promoting and fostering leadership, organizational, team and life skills for the benefit of its members.

Max Volley

We have over 50 beach volleyball courts, run 12 different doubles and fours leagues for all levels.

Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club

The Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club is the leader in the development and delivery of quality, performance-based programs designed to encourage participation in, and a lifelong passion for the sport of volleyball.

Ottawa Rebels Volleyball Club

Two Volleyball moms who wanted  to have a club that is friendly and family oriented for our girls to continue playing a sport they love and enjoy. We decided to start a club of our own where all girls can come and play volleyball.

Sportscan Beach Academy

Since Sportscan’s inception in 1996, Sportscan has provided the Ottawa area with a variety of quality services to serve our young athletes of tomorrow.

Such services include our Elite Athlete Development Program, sport specific camp/ workshop programs, running charity adult sports tournaments, Coaching the Coach mentoring program, running National Coaching Certification Courses, providing recess break and after school programs designed to introduce healthy active lifestyles to grade school students.